Attention Network Marketers and Home Business Owners!

Discover the 3-Step Formula That Took Me From Failing in MLM for 15 Years to Sponsoring 1,000+ People and Generating a 6-Figure Income All In Less Than a Year

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What You Will Learn During This FREE Class:

  • Discover Who Your Perfect Targeted Audience Is

    When you target the right audience, selling and recruiting becomes effortless and objection-free

  • Discover What "Bait" To Use To Attract Your Perfect Customer

    Start Attracting Your Perfect Targeted Audience So that you become The Hunted instead of The Hunter

  • Relationship Building on Autopilot

    Discover how to get total strangers to trust you online so they want to do business with YOU over your competition.

  • How to Pre-Qualify Prospects on Autopilot BEFORE you get on the phone with them

    Are you tired of spending time talking to leads only to find out that they are completely uninterested or unqualified for your offer?  Discover how to stop wasting time on deadbeat leads by pre-qualifying people on autopilot before you ever pick up the phone or spend a single second of your precious time on them.

  • The #1 Mistake Made by Network Marketers and Affiliates

    You are likely guilty of making this huge mistake in your business.  I’ll show you how you’re putting your entire business in jeopardy and exactly what tweaks to make so you can create more stability (and profit)

  • How you may be sabotaging the sales process without even knowing it.

    If you’re having trouble getting people to say “yes” to buy your product or join your opportunity, you may sub-consciously be sabotaging the sales process without even knowing you’re doing it.  Allow me to show you a small change that can increase your conversions drastically.

  • How to market online even if your company strictly forbids internet marketing.

    There are some MLM companies (and upline leaders) that strictly prohibit online marketing.  I’ll show you how this 3 step process will work for you even if your company says NO to online marketing.

Michelle Diamond Michelle Diamond, Atlanta, GA

Best Value I have had in the 12 years I have been in MLM.  You rock my friend!

Anthony B. Turner Anthony B. Turner, Greensboro, North Carolina

This is my third webinar with Tyson and I must say that I have learned more in these sessions than I have in all my years of MLM.  The Internet has the potential to change the game for any business, and Tyson has definitely helped me understand better how to utilize it.  Fantastic and caring teacher.  I am definitely a fan!


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