Can Attraction Marketing
Really Work for Your Business?

The video below answers several follow-up questions that have come in since the webinar ended.  Feel free to look at the question list at the bottom of this page and skip ahead in the video to the questions that pertain most directly to you.

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List of All Questions in The Video Above
(and what time in the video it was answered)

I'm not technically inclined at all.  Will this work for me? (answered at 3:24)

Can you help me get traffic to my website?  I'm sending people to my site, but not getting any leads.  What am I doing wrong? (answered at 4:33)

Why would anybody listen to me when there are people out there with way more experience/credibility? (answered at 7:21)

Can you give some specific examples of how this strategy has helped you in network marketing? (answered at 10:07)

What companies will this work for?  Will it work for "XYZ" Company? (answered at 12:41)

How quickly can I expect to get results? (answered at 15:13)

Can you guarantee that this will work for me? (answered at 18:16)

Will this also work for traditional brick and mortar businesses or is it just geared toward network marketers and affiliate marketers? (answered at 19:42)

I haven't started a business yet.  Can I use what you teach to start a business or do I need to have a product/offer/opportunity first? (answered at 21:44)

I'm brand new (no experience whatsoever).  Can this really work for someone like me? (answered at 22:47)

I have a full time job and a family.  Will I have time to do this?  How much time per week will it take? (answered at 23:09)

What if my company strictly prohibits internet marketing?  How could this possibly work for me? (answered at 24:01)

I've tried other internet marketing systems before and they haven't worked for me.  How is this any different? (answered at 25:05)